Chairmans Message


Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Lootah   – Chairman – Inmaa Group of Companies

With the grace of God, our initial resources were quite modest as compared to our optimistic ambitions. We have learned that the meaning of hard work which provided us with the driving force that motivated us to succeed in business. 

The Group aims at serving human beings, promoting construction development and protecting the environment, not only within the borders of Djibouti but also in Africa, Europe and Asia. Our efforts, together  with those of other equally sincere nationals, would certainly lead our beloved country along its struggle to take its position among developed countries, both industrially and technologically. 

I hereby renew my own and my Group’s commitment to achieve excellence as a standing criteria for all our services that we provide to our valued customers. We also renew our pledge towards ethical and professional principles which enables us to acquire the recognition and respect of whoever dealt with us

Mission & Objectives

The earnestness of the Inmaa Group is extensive and it aims to benefit of the country. Its vision is to participate to the development and strengthening the productivity of the country. And one of the most important things of Inmaa is to fight against the poverty by creating jobs and offering a better a living standard to the Djiboutian labour.